Stories For Your Application Essay

You need to start thinking about the stories so next to each of those words what I would want you to do is to jot down an anecdote of a tug brief story just a line that reminds you of a time when you gave evidence of that aspect of who you are so think about what are the key points in your journey who have you influenced what are the stories from your life that you might tell your children and grandchildren what are the stories that you tell your grandmother when she comes to visit what are the stories that your mother tells about you what are the family stories that really give a sense of who you are. Check out some great essay stories at Edusson.

And then you’re gonna have to take a look at each of those stories and start to figure out which one could demonstrate more than one of those four or five umbrella words because a good essay is going to prove more than one key aspect of your character and also you want your story to show the college something about who you are intellectually or who you are that’s going to contribute to the quality of the of the community of students who all live together so now you’re going to choose one story from the anecdotes that you listed you’re going to pull out a blank piece of paper and remember you’re going to have a tape of this audio later so you can go back and do this and at the top of the piece of the paper you will write the word or words that you want your anecdote to prove about you then what you need to do is set a timer and start writing for ten minutes without stopping just tell the story spit it out don’t second-guess yourself don’t edit it just right from the heart at the end of that you might have a story that you can develop to your final essay you might not but you’ll have at least you’ll have words on paper. Essay is an opportunity, learn how to use it in this article.

You will have organized your thoughts about who you are and very often you will have the start of a story that can be developed into a powerful and an effective application essay or personal statement just like any good writing you’re going to need to do some writing rewriting and revising so let’s take a look at some guidelines for essays that work the first one is that you’re going to have to write in the first person so this is a first-person narrative it’s in your own voice and it is not like academic writing it is not the five paragraph English essay it is in a speaking voice so you’re going to need to read your draft out loud does it sound like you talking if it doesn’t you did not write it in the first person remember the readers should feel as if they’re seeing this event through your eyes.