How Important Is Grammar

You don’t want to write and the shorthand language that you use when speaking to your buddies at school you want to write as if you were speaking to your favorite aunt or uncle so write as if you’re telling the story to an adult with whom you are comfortable if English is not your first language your story is going to have the rhythm of the way you actually speak English it should be basically grammatically correct but it’s not going to have the same rhythm of a native English speaker and that’s the way it should be it should represent you when you are speaking with the best English grammar that you have don’t use the source reads what words. Read more about essay grammar onĀ Edusson.

One friend of mine and admission said that she was going to deny any student who used the word plethora that year because she was so tired of hearing it it must have been the word of the year use the words that you normally use in speaking when you go find a word from the thesaurus and stick it into a sentence it makes the reader groan and roll their eyes and your writing begins to lose credibility you want to use language that that shows your actions you want to you want the reader to see you in action and you want that action to show the reader what you want them to learn about you so you’re not gonna say I am a really hard worker you’re gonna find a story that shows the reader how determined you are what are the devices that you use many of you have had in English you’ve talked about show not tell writing so let’s let’s review what the techniques are that turn something from telling to showing first of all you need to use vivid details you need to use sensory language and you use dialogue dialogue puts the reader in the situation with you. Find out about common cliches in essays and how to avoid them here.

You use details to help the reader feel like they are standing there with you at the beach or at the court or sitting with the kitchen table so instead of saying although I was afraid of the water I waded into the surf to grab my baby cousin you say my feet burned as I sank into the dry sand the white foamy waves rolled over Tommy’s feet as he let out high-pitched squeals of joy and toggled toward the drop-off the waves cooled my blistered feet as I entered the water and my fear for him overcame my fear of the waves when you write that way the reader is right there with you worried about the little child headed for drowning in the surf it is those details that make the story your own it’s those details and specifics that let the reader begin to know who you are so after you write your first draft because your first job is not going to have those details.