Essay As An Opportunity

Don’t let your essay be a so what essay take advantage of this opportunity to advance your application alright so you get the idea that you’re gonna write a story that only you can tell you’re gonna use your you’re gonna you’re going to make yourself distinctive but you’re still looking at a blank piece of paper and you still don’t know how to start so here’s the strategy that works best for my students the first thing that I would want you to do is to write a list of 15 to 20 words or phrases that can be used to describe you take the time to actually sit down and write the numbers from 1 to 20 and fill in those blanks with descriptive phrases or words think of who you are in your family think of the mutt words your mom would use when she’s not mad at you think of who you are at school what do your teachers say about you if they write comments on your report card what do your friend what would your friend say about you why do they like to hang out with you please you want to use positive phrases. Find out how to correctly use that opportunity at Edusson.

My students always say can I write negative phrases negative phrases are not going to help you get into the colleges that you’re applying to so think about do you love sports maybe you’re athletic and you’re the person that everyone goes to and they need a poster or a t-shirt design perhaps your artistic are you a good listener listener are you the shoulder to cry on are you the sounding board Glenn friends are not quite sure what to do in a social situation perhaps you’re empathetic when you have a difficult math problem or a chemistry lab to analyze are you the student who will work at it and work on it and work at it until you get it perhaps you’re best described as determined do you spend your free time playing the piano the violin the electric guitar singing in the shower perhaps your musical do you spend free time helping your grandparents are caring for younger siblings or are you the behind-the-scenes worker for all the student council events. Find out what stories to tell in your paper here.

The one who can be counted on to set up or clean up perhaps your describe you can be described as responsible are you fascinated by numbers by poetry by how the brain works by learning new computer programs perhaps you are curious once you have your list of fifteen to twenty words then you need to figure out what the stories are that you can use to show these aspects of you but first of all you need to take a look at that list and see what the recurring themes are because in any list of 15 to 20 words usually you can find four or five what I call umbrella words that that among them will take care of all of the 20 words so you want to take those 20 words and sort them into categories and then find a word that describes each of those categories.