Early Essay Drafts

Many a time I’ve had a wonderful early draft of an essay written by a student and then it comes back to me and the seventeen-year-old voice is gone and I feel like I’m reading a corporate communication and I’ll say what happened here and they’ll say well my uncle went to some Ivy League university and he said it should sound like this no it needs to sound like you the big worry this year for students is oh my goodness we have new prompts to write to for the common application there aren’t models that I can work from how do I know how to approach these new questions well first of all I actually think it’s to your benefit that there are new questions. Look at the first and final essay drafts at Edusson.

And there are no bottles first of all the colleges are not bored with reading essays to this topic and secondly it makes it easier for you to write your story in your voice when you are not looking at models so again the first thing you need to do is to decide what do you want the college to know about you here you have an opportunity to paint the picture of who you are figure out what are your most important compelling characteristics who are you at your best and then look at the prompts so decide first what you want the college’s to know about you and then figure out which of the questions lets you tell the story that you want to tell you are in control here so let’s look at those buts let’s analyze take apart those questions and see what they’re really asking you because really what you have are six opportunities to show who you are they’re simply designed to provide a framework for you to find a story the first prompt says that some students have a background or story that is. Learn how adding details will affect your essay story here.

So central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it if this sounds like you then please share your story so remember the important words here there’s something in your background there’s a story that goes with that background the story shows something about your identity and you feel like understanding who you are would be incomplete without this story and we’re going to come back to what how do you use that to show something about you the second prompt says recount an incident or timing you experienced failure how did it affect you and what lessons did you learn and do note here that failure can be does not have to be you failed a class failure can be on a small scale and you can learn a lot from failure on a small scale so incident what was the incident what was going on in your life what was the failure did you fail to make a sports team did you not make the chamber ensemble or did you fail a test really.