Cliches In The Essay

Use your story a cliche beware of the McKee say please do not write the essay that says I practiced all summer and made the varsity team or the essay that says our team vowed to make the championship and we all worked so we were proud even though we lost the final game or the common law in California on my service trip to wherever I was amazed to find how happy people are even though they have nothing these may well be important experiences in your life and you may well choose to write about those events but when you do that you’re going to have to capture as as Bob said the essence of that event and its impact on you not just tell the story of the shared experience in a way that anyone could have experienced it. Find out more about possible cliches at Edusson.

So you’re gonna have to find what was unique about your experience and you’re gonna have to use that story to prove something about who you are how did you navigate the service trip were you the one who kept everyone calm and convinced your group to continue after the storm were you the person on the sports team who bridged the cliques brought the new players into the fold or maybe as with Bob student the soccer si is not the best story to tell perhaps there’s another story from your life that would do a better job of providing the reader with insights into who you are remember this isn’t an opportunity for you to share something that cannot be found elsewhere on the application you need to be thinking about who your reader is so once you make sure that the update the essay helps the reader learn something new about you you have to make sure that it’s an essay that will not put the reader to sleep college admissions officers read essays from early morning till late at night and they’re only gonna give you a couple of minutes a couple of sentences probably not a couple of minutes. Also read this article about essay grammar.

Probably two or three sentences before either their eyes will glaze over and they will lose interest and they will not gain anything from your essay or before they will perk up and be interested in who you are once you capture an opening then you need to be worried about how you will leave the reader at the end often I find that students don’t know how to end and they just kind of dribble off so then I will say just take out the last sentence or two just end don’t wander off at the at the end here are some specific tips that will help you get to that essay that is not a cliche that helps the reader to learn something more about you that wakes up the reader at the beginning and leaves the reader satisfied at the end first as I said before you’re going to write in your natural speaking voice.